Jul 3, 2008

The sound of the crowd

"During the three-and-a-half hours Murray was on court, the ambient noise had thickened from a fretful buzz, through a gathering shrillness, to an unceasing cacophony of squeals, hworfs, baargs, grunts, yaps and yodel..... At one point in the third set, as Murray clipped an improbable backhand winner, one woman spectator emitted a chilling staccato shriek that sounded like a feral cat being fed slowly into the rotating blade of a combine harvester. By the end, each point was accompanied by its own distinct thunderclap of baying approval or wailing, primal lament....."
The Gaurdian, on the Murray-Gasquet match
It's one of the things I miss least about England: the centre-court crowds at Wimbledon, who cheer whena n opponent double faults, and then giggle, in reaction to their own favoritism. It's such an English sound. Like the worst bully — smiling, as he squeezes your balls.

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