Jul 14, 2008

"Every time you put an alcoholic in the White House..."

“.....Every time you put an alcoholic in the white house, the same thing happens. Our foreign policy turns to shit and we start spying on one another. Same thing happened with Nixon. Spent the entire Arab-Isreali war bombed out of his head on Chateau Margaux. Your man — Heath was it? — rang him up to try and avert nuclear catastrophe, Kissinger had to get on the line and tell him the president was in no state to speak but would call him in the morning.”

“But Bush isn’t drinking now is he?” I asked.

“In a way it would better for everyone if he was. At least then the beast inside of him would be fed and watered. It would be happy. It wouldn’t have to go looking for fresh fights.”

“You mean the war in Iraq? You think that’s got something to do with all of this?"

He nodded. “Oh yes. Iraq is a classic addict’s endgame: damned if you stayed, damned if you go, so all that left is simply to hang on, and wish it would all simply go away. Did you see him on TV the other day pleading with the American people: ‘this time it’ll be different, this time I’ll quit, just let me have a few more troops, and then we can leave, I promise.’ He’ll never quit. He can’t. He’s an alcoholic.....”

— Douglas Kelsey & Patrick Miller, In The Rooms (2009)

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