Jul 9, 2008

Cruising for a bruising

"Strait Dave finally came out and got the other fag to fight with him in the ring they ended up making out and about to go down on one another that is when the place emptied out.... as the stands were clearing from the homo activity I looked back and see borat on his knees infront of the unknown man you can figure the rest i never looked back again he is one sick bastard... I hope the production company gets sued for everything they have"
One of the 1,500 disgruntled fight fans who went along to a fight night in Fort Smith, Arkansas, advertised as "Blue Collar Brawlin" with "Hot Chicks" and "1$ beer" only to find Sasha Baron Cohen, as Bruno, making whoopie with the other fighters. Ho ho. Hope he's keeping up with his medical insurance.

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