Jul 12, 2008

No more baby nation

One of the more gratifying effects of Jesse Jackson's recent offer to cut Obama's nuts off has been the attention it had drawn to the speech Obama gave on Father's Day, which first drew Jackson's ire. It's my favorite of his, I think — certainly his most personal. If you want to know what someone speaking from core convictions sounds like, give it a listen. His attitude to fathers is more than just an attitude towards fathers. It colors his stance on many things, including Iraq, I think — this violent, unruly baby nation that America has midwifed, now a needy, noisy draining teenager. I think some of his disgust with Bush's middle-east misadventure comes down to his disapproval of bad parenting. And it lends extra urgency to his current desire to show the Iraqis some tough love, to take the training wheels off, in order to more properly see what we have given birth to. It seems appropriate that America may be about to exchange one leader with lingering father issues for another who has cleared his up. As Obama says in closing, "I resolved many years ago that it was my obligation to break the cycle."

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