Jul 15, 2008

Sean back home

"All I could think was how wonderful life is, and how I had never really appreciated it - and that now that I could, it was too late and it was all over. In my mind, I would be getting my boys out of bed in the morning. At night, I would bathe them. I'd wash their foreheads and their limbs and behind their ears and kiss them goodnight. I would try to will them to feel me and feel my love for them. I would say out loud 'Daddy lives in your heart' and 'Daddy is at your side' - but the one thing I couldn't bring myself to say is 'I promise I will be home' because in my heart I didn't think I would be able to keep that promise. That was out of my hands" Sean Langan, on his three-month imprisonment by the Taliban. Now released, he has returned home to his wife and two sons.

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