Jul 8, 2008

Alcoholics not so anonymous

There's a new series of Intervention, the A&E series which follows an addict/alcoholic around for a few weeks before their family surprises then with an intervention to cart them off to rehab. I'm consistently amazed by how amazed they are when the "surprise" gets sprung; the addicts never question for an instant why this camera crew from LA want to follow them around for a few weeks; they never doubt that the world is just waiting for a documentary of their lives as drug addicts; they throw open the doors to their trailer homes right open and invite everyone in. Don't mind me while I shoot up in the corner. Aren't they supposed to be in, you know, denial? Denial is obviously getting to be a thing of the past, a relic of the time before Oprah/Behind the Music/Intervention/Celebrity Rehab. We're now so versed in the language of recovery that it's lost some of its occult power. When Lindsay Lohan's dad appears on CNN to talk about how she must abandon her will (to him), and Bush jokes on TV about his higher power, you know the game is close to being up.

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