Jul 19, 2008

Euphemism of the day

The US and Iraq have agreed to set a "general time horizon for meeting aspirational goals" pertaining to the "reduction of US combat forces in Iraq," said the White House on Friday.

Just as long as it's not a time-table for withdrawal. What I love about these euphemisms is that at some point, an actual person sat down and come up with them. Someone had to go, nope, there's no way we can admit to doing the one thing we've been vilifying for years, so why don't we say something else. Temporal Vanishing Point? Date-based Attenuation Trajectory? Time Horizon for Aspirational Goals. Yes, that's it. 'Time horizon' is genius, by the way, since horizons retreat as quickly as you can advance towards them. Much like euphemisms.

(The pic is a sunset as viewed from Mars)

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