Mar 17, 2011


Could this review be any more over the map?

Paradoxically absorbing, yet cliched and empty, this power-based New York story is a bit of an entertaining thrill ride, probably far more popcorn-engrossing than it deserves to be—we’ll credit the director with the editing and forward propulsive storytelling engine—but nevertheless, “Limitless” doesn’t have much meat or depth to it. But we suppose, as the aforementioned elements attest, there is some escapist value therein....

By my count, that's four switch-backs in the same sentence: absorbing yet empty..... entertaining, but undeservedly so.... forwardly propulsive but depthless..... but escapist fun nevertheless. Spit it out, man! I've got whiplash just reading about the thing, let alone watching it.

as if directed by the Michel Gondry inventive school of visual tricks on cocaine, the picture is stylistic overkill. And yet, it’s an entertaining cut-a-second, fast-moving ride that goes non-stop .... As silly, strained, and slow as “Limitless” gets, it’s engaging. Even if you roll your eyes, you won’t be able to look away...
Might "perfectly hellish" be the words the writer is groping for?


  1. I think you'd like it, actually. I went in with low expectations which always helps, but was thoroughly entertained and enjoyed both the visual effects and the acting on everyone's part...down to the thugs.