Mar 13, 2011

REVIEW: Rango (dir. Verbinski)

In the form of some miscellaneous thoughts on the new animated feature:—
1. This probably represents the best of Johnny Depp's collaborations with Terry Gilliam (that he didn't actually make with Terry Gilliam).
2. The creatures were a few inches over the ugly-attractive line for kids. I heard a few yeeuuchs. Or maybe that was me.

3. The colors could have been brighter, for differentiation. A gila monster or two wouldn't have hurt.

4. Loved the surrealism-in-empty-space routines at the beginning, which made it clear how much Depp had to do with the first ten minutes of the third Pirates film.

5. Depp's timing has gotten better over the years. Must be all that British TV he watches.

6. They needed to get underground ten minutes earlier. (Or something. It's ten minutes too long, anyway).

7. I wished he had done that things lizards do where they hold two feet off the hot sand, and then switch to the other two, abruptly.

8. The single-bullet shoot-outs prove that the action sequence involving a donkey in the first Pirates was no fluke. Verbinski has something of Spielberg's love of Rube Goldbergish causal chains.

9. Loved the Los Lobos soundtrack, but especially the banjo version of Ride of the Valkyries.

10. It always warms the cockles to see Harry Dean Stanton getting work.

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  1. Rango is western... make no mistake. But i assure you one thing should you decide to give it a chance, its what it needs to be! Its entertaining, action-packed, funny and sincere.