Oct 30, 2008

Undecided about your pizza?

Still undecided? Try ordering some pizza. It's the easiest way to decided our vote according to a new poll from Domino's Pizza. It confirms exactly what we already knew: Republicans are greedy big spenders living on false credit, Democrats are experimental dilettantes, waited on by the underclass they purport to represent.


  • Spend more per order than other consumers.
  • They rely on credit cards to pay more than other consumers.
  • They tend to order two large pizzas at a time, and they're usually specialty pizzas.
  • They are more likely to order online, and more likely to pick up their orders.
  • Rely on delivery more than Republicans.
  • Pay cash more than other consumers.
  • Like more variety with their orders, opting for side items, chicken and beverages more than Republicans.

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