Oct 29, 2008

My electoral predictions

Politico lays down. My prediction: Obama 353 electoral votes, McCain 185. Obama gets: Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada. McCain's fig-leaves: Indiana and Missouri. Popular vote margin: 52%-47%.


  1. I come to you via Nick Hornby's recommendation (I think) on his blog (which I love, being his long lost NZ twin brother that he doesn't know - ie I'm 51, an English teaching school Principal/ Arsenal fan since 1971). I'm watching the election like evryone else outside of America desperately hoping for an Obama victory. A long winded lead up to - I hope you're right!! But this looks overly optimistic to me. I watched Obama address his troops a few mornings ago on CNN and he had me!! Will keep looking at your blog and will search out your writing (promise). Warren

  2. We’re predicting Obama to win 355 to 183. That’s going to be a landslide sweep for Obama and utter defeat for McCain