Jul 27, 2009

My first appearance in a movie trailer

Here. I'm at 1.58, laughing, during a game of charades. That was my function in the movie, as far as I can tell: to laugh at my friends Colin and Michelle for doing something as bonkers as going without electricity for a year. (They wanted to get their carbon footprint down.) My wife and I were rather like the Ledbetters in The Good Life: the shallow snobs who pop around every now and again to take pity on their tree-hugging save-the-whale neighbours and check their fingernails haven't exceeded a length of six inches. Thus you see me mocking Colin's earth-worm compost, and puzzling, in scolded-schoolboy fashion, over what exactly is wrong with my Starbucks cup. (It was made of paper). Now that the whole thing is a movie, of course, my interest in his wacko experiment perks up a bit.

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