Nov 15, 2011

REVIEW: The Descendants

Things I loved about Alexander Payne's The Descendants:—
— the rattier bits of Honolulu.
— Clooney's tears by the side of the road, his back to us like Queen Elizabeth II.
yes, alright, the running in sandals.
— the line about Hawaiian businessmen bearing a striking resemblance to "bums and stuntmen."
— Shailene Woodley's scenes on the couch, eyes raw and red. Her blend of prettiness and plainness.
— the link-up of the two plots via a cousin. The cousins in general, and the dramatic use made of this overextended brood.
— seeing Beau Bridges again.
— the ambling pace.
— Judy Greer's brand of guileless, vulnerable optimism. The heartbreak of seeing it depleted.
— Payne's emotional ambition and reach, and the invisible cover it lends the comic switchbacks, to the point where you can't say which came first. Born together, in mid-air.
— One in particular, Greer's bedside speech + Clooney's reaction, is faultless.
— the reveal of Sid's family history, together with his use of the word "boss".
Things I wasn't so keen on:—
— The first scene where they talk to the mother.
— the line "my joy, my pain". Too written. He had me at "my love."

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  1. I watched this movie last night and was pretty surprised by it. This film can't be easily explained. Great movie !
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