Jan 29, 2011

No, we really are the best

"They've refused to talk about America exceptionalism," John Boehner told CNN's Kathleen Parker Wednesday night. "I don't know if they're afraid of it, whether they don't believe it. I don't know." — Slate
Exceptionalism, for the uninitiated, is the belief in America's supremacy as a nation. Every nation believes itself the greatest, of course. American exceptionalists listen, nod and believe themselves actually, objectively superior. It reminds me of all the conversations I used to have in my teens, wherein someone gently tried to break the news to me that what was coming out of my mouth was known as "opinion," and I not-so-gently asserted that that was their opinion: what came out of my mouth was fact. It gives me the shivers just to think about it.

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