Aug 9, 2014

My Woody Allen top ten

As always when I start a new book on a filmmaker, I'm going to do a Top Ten 'before' and a Top Ten 'after', to see what changes. Right now My Woody Allen top ten is as follows:—
1. Annie Hall
2. Purple Rose of Cairo
3. Sleeper
4. Manhattan
5. Zelig
5. Stardust Memories
6. Manhattan Murder Mystery
7. Bullets Over Broadway
9. Bananas
10. Radio Days 


  1. Sleeper but no Love & Death seems eccentric to me. Admire the guts in leaving Hannah and Crimes out (I'm not complaining).

  2. Why is it that no one ever puts "Play It Again Sam" on their best Woody Allen lists? I found it veryendearing and cinematic.

  3. Play it Again, Sam was directed by Herbert Ross.

  4. I would swap places for #'s 1 and 4, replace # 2 with "Love and Death" and replace # 7 with "Interiors"...