Jul 9, 2013

Best Movies of the Eighties

Movie Mezzannine have posted theirs. Here's mine. 
1. Blue Velvet 
2. E.T. The Extraterrestrial
3. Diner 
4. The Terminator 
5. Raging Bull
6. Raiders of the Lost Ark
7. The Elephant Man
8. The Shining 
9. The Right Stuff 
10. Dangerous Liaisons


  1. I'd put Re-Animator in for The Terminator, seriously. And Lost in America. Is this English language films only I presume?

  2. sorry, the above was meant to have my name

  3. Aliens

    Once Upon a Time in America

    Henry V

    Escape from New York

    The Thing

    Back to the Future


    Flying High


    Mad Max II

    Das Boot

    This Is Spinal Tap

    American Werewolf in London

  4. The King of Comedy, please!

  5. It's non-English as well. NELF appear more in my teens and twenties — Das Boot, Fanny and Alexander, A nos amours — but none in the top ten, sadly. Or not. And Dangerous Liaisons beats Amadeus because it's not about a "genius".

  6. Hmm -- when you say, "Dangerous Liaisons beats Amadeus," are you intending to say they are both Milosz Forman films? The Milosz Forman version of DL was titled "Valmont." It was filmed concurrently but released after the Frears/Hampton "Dangerous Liaisons."