Jun 16, 2013

My new Scorsese top ten

The Scorsese book I'm writing is rejigging my top ten a little, with Taxi Driver supreme and boosts for The Color of Money, The King of Comedy + the docs. It now looks like this:—
1. Taxi Driver
2. Goodfellas
3. Mean Streets
4. Raging Bull
5. Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
6. Kundun
7. The Color of Money
8. Italianamerican
9. The King of Comedy
10. Living in the Material World


  1. Huzzah Scorsese and Schrader. I'd swap Goodfellas and Mean Streets, though. And I think Last Temptation of Christ might be worth another look. Once I decided it was (almost literally) It's A Wonderful Crucifixion I started to dig it a lot. I hope Cape Fear is your bottom slot.

  2. Yes, it's all about Schrader, isn't it. Can't really dissent from your Top 4 choices - although their order can shuffle depending upon mood and /or level of intoxication.

    Does CASINO make your Top 15? Or perhaps higher when in a Vegas kind of mind..?

  3. I would have After Hours very nearly at the top.. also the Fran Lebowitz documentary, Public Speaking.

  4. Taxi Driver is definitely better, but I like watching King of Comedy more often. Glad to see some love for that one, seems to get overlooked when people mention Scorsese.

  5. I haven't seen the two docs, but it's great to see them on the list. I'd have Goodfellas at the top, but that's more because of personal preference and interest in the book. This is an intriguing list and shows just how much variety is in Scorsese's work beyond the obvious picks.

  6. Let's hope Wolf of Wall Street makes an appearance one day!

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