Feb 13, 2013

Most thanked people at the Oscars

Thanks to the new Academy database ("Completed years begin in 1971 with only minimal transcripts available for prior years"):—
"I'd like to thank" — 225 
"I love you" — 187  
"My wife" — 181 
"My mother" – 76  
"Wow" – 73 
"Cast and crew" – 65  
"My father"  – 50  
“My mom” — 49  
 "I'd like to thank the academy" – 48 
"Harvey Weinstein" – 40  
"America" — 40   
"Steven Spielberg" — 38  
"My husband" — 37  
"Thank everybody" — 34 
"Thank everyone" — 28  
"Fellow nominees" — 26  
"My dad" — 24 
"My agent" — 24 
"My children" — 24  
"Meryl" — 19 
"Oh my God" —  19 
"Thank God" — 17  
"England" — 16  
"My producer" —  14  
"France" — 13 
"Gosh" —  12 
"My director" — 11  
"Martin Scorsese" — 11 
"Grandmother" — 9  
 "Jack Nicholson" – 9   
"Oh God" – 6    
"I would not be here" — 6   
"This is unbelievable" — 5  
 "Oprah" — 4 
"I cant believe it" — 4  
"This is incredible" — 4   
"I don't know what to say" — 4 
"Oh man" — 4   
"Thank you, God" — 4  
"High school" — 4 
 "Publicist" – 3  
"Go to bed" – 3  
"Oh no" — 3  
"Good God" — 3  
"Whoa" — 3  
"Jesus" — 3  
"Too many people to thank" — 2 
"My Grandfather" — 2    
"What the hell" — 2  
"Whoo!" — 2  
"I had a speech" — 2  
"Drama teacher" — 2 
"You love me" — 1 (Spacey, 1999) 
"Is this really happening?" — 1 (Reznor, 2010)  
"Golly" — 1  (Leo, 2010) 
"Holy mackerel" — 1 (Streep, 1979) 
“I don't believe it” — 1 (Park, 93)   
"Lord have Mercy" — 1 (Thornton, 1996)  
"I'm not going to thank everybody I've ever met in my entire life" — 1 (McClaine, 83) 
"I need a drink" —  (Chappel, 94) 
"Fucking wonderful" —  1 (Martin, 2011)
"Crap" — 1 (Palance, 91) 


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