Jan 6, 2013

Playing in a cinema next to you

"The director, Michael Haneke, fashions their accomplished refinement (Anne is presented as the teacher of the real-life pianist Alexandre Tharaud, who appears and performs in the film) to give the film an air of righteous dignity. They don't utter a single sordid or sour word, or, it seems, even think one." — Richard Brody, The New Yorker  
Presumably the version of Amour in which Jean-Louis Trintignant plays a kindly but cantankerous old misanthrope — a kindly "monster" according to his wife, whom he entertains with dypseptic reports of other people's funerals, who slaps her paralysed face when she spits out food at him, throws his daughter's distress back in her face ("your concern is of no use to me") and who provokes a nurse to call him a miserable old fuck, was playing in the theatre next door. 


  1. Why thank you, Mr. Shone. That's the version I saw, too.

  2. That's the version I saw, too. Those are the rumpled pants of character, designer flaws. Monstrosity should be made of sterner stuff; here it's a term of endearment.

  3. Your goal-posts have changed position — it's "sourness" we are looking for, not "monstrosity."

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