Nov 23, 2012


For these things I am grateful:—  
—Jennifer's Lawrence's show-down with de Niro in Silver Linings Playbook
— The Euclidean geometry in Lincoln
— The first death scene in The Grey, where Liam Neeson tells the guy "you're dying"
— Stepping onto the boat /  the boat's departure in The Master
— The crash in Flight, in particular the last, soundless 10 seconds
— Chasing the pigeon in Amour
— Rachel Weisz in the London underground in The Deep Blue Sea
— FDR's post-prandial chat with the King in Hyde Park on Hudson
— The introduction of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises
— The whorehouse in Beasts of the Southern Wild
— The first flight in Chronicle
— Michael Stuhlbarg's Mets soliloquy in Men in Black 3
— Feeding / taming the tiger in Life of Pi
— The lab shootout in The Bourne Legacy


  1. The scene where the grizzly old guy is on speaker phone in Cabin in the Woods.

    The opening of Argo at the embassy.

    The drug taking scene in 21 Jump Street where Hill and Tatum are tripping.

    The final scene of Sightseers.

  2. Excellent choices, the Cabin the Woods one in particular.

  3. A few candidates from Looper, either the jump forward in time or the diner scene or the kid's first freakout. I think the kid's first freakout is the strongest bet.