Oct 28, 2012

A work of misunderstood genius

"Warner Bros. could have bragging rights with the top two films this weekend (based on Friday's grosses), but the reality is they can't be too happy with the poor performance of "Cloud Atlas." The Wachowski siblings/Tom Tykwer collaboration actually came in #3 for the day (just under $3.5 million). But with weak reviews (Metacritic score 54), an audience response of C+ on Cinemascore and a reported $100 million budget, this looks like it is headed for cult status rather than hit...." 
I give it ten seconds before some critic decides that poor box-office is the authentic stamp of misunderstood genius... my money's on Brody... possibly Thomson.... wait... this just in... Andrew O'Hehir on its "dazzling tapestry".  


  1. "Genius never appreciated in it's time" and all that.

    I saw this movie so you didn't have to, Tom. There are people coming out of this movie talking about it was a transcendent experience, this incredible epic, tears streaming down their faces in disbelief at it's wonder.

    I'm not here to tell them they're wrong, but shit...I wish I saw the same movie they did.

  2. Like any patriotic American, I can't read the phrase "misunderstood genius" without thinking of Calvin and Hobbes:


  3. I just got home from seeing "Cloud Atlas." I am still buzzing from the exhilaration of feeling like *finally* somebody *trusted* me with a different kind of cinematic "writing."

  4. Don't fall into the trap of judging movies without seeing them based on others' reviews (even mine). That is the very definition of prejudice and no critic should be prejudiced against anything or anyone--not even Sylvester Stallone. Clear your palate and go. (PS: Cloud Atlas is ludicrous, but don't take my word for it.)