Mar 8, 2012

The first great pop song of spring

My favorite Norwegian pop group, Donkeyboy, have a new album — Silver Moon — out in a couple of weeks. There will be those who think this sort of thing close to genius and those who those who think it's like chewing someone else's bubblegum. I think it's genius — effervescent and bold and perfectly produced — these guys know pop songs from the inside out. The lyrics are the usual Euro gobbledygook about sideways glances, catching fire, feeling good and being someone, but somehow it's touchingly reminiscent of that time in your early teens when catching someone's eye at the school disco felt as fraught with significance, emotional freight and epiphanal splendor as actual sex. Or as close to sex as you imagined sex to feel like, not knowing for sure since you hadn't actually done it yet. Which is quite a burden of expectation to place on catching someone's eye at the school disco — presumably why being a teenager was so exhausting. But not this song. It's a honey.

1 comment:

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