Jun 8, 2011

Aronofsky gets Biblical on our asses

"I'm told that town is tantalized by a package circulating with Darren Aronofsky directing Noah, an edgy re-telling of the Noah's Ark story." — Deadline Hollywood
What — Noah will be a Travis-Bickle-like obsessive who longs for the flood to wash away all the junkie scum ad filth? The animals will all be in threesomes, hate themselves and have their mothers watching while they try to repopulate the earth?


  1. Hola Mr. Shone,

    That was a great work-in-progress on boredom at the movies. I hope it makes to Slate at some point! :)

  2. Sorry mr. Shone, but hwo is this not an example of reviewing a film before it has even been shot?