Apr 10, 2009

Reclaiming "socialism"

A new Rasmussen poll finds that while 53 per cent of Americans think “capitalism” is better than “socialism,” 20 per cent think socialism is better and 27 per cent aren’t sure which of the two is better. Few can fail to be delighted by this ascent of American politics into the realms of higher nonsense. It's not too hard to see what's happened here: the right have called Obama's programs socialist enough times that the word has come to mean "whatever it is Obama is doing"; and enough people like whatever it is Obama is doing, that socialism has been reclaimed to mean "the thing that 53% of the country voted for." Heaven.

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    Socialism fails and milton friedman was right. His DVD series is wonderful and shows exactly why 2.0 unemployment, under socialism, is still miserable.

    The economy is the exchange of goods and services. And the economy accelerates when people really want to exchange goods and services. When you have rewards to creating something that others want, as in capitalism, you get motive to innovate new products through creativity and technology. If you have a bunch of people doing this, you exchange these goods and services and create jobs and wealth.

    Under socialism, people stay complacent in their situation. there is relatively any motivation to create products that other people want, and this creates a domino effect. (you can motivate others to produce cool products if they want other peoples' cool products). however, high taxes eliminates the motivation for many. And for this reason, most of the good products come out of capitalists countries.

    There is not a set amount of wealth in this world. It can be created and people can join in by creating something that people want. Obama's policies seek to make everyone equal by stifling competition and innovation -- trickle up poverty.

    So everyone is equal financially, and unemployment is very low -- but everyone is just above poverty. Cuba has low unemployment, but there are no mansions and nothing to shoot for.

    Furthermore, people stop progressing. People stop learning from failures.

    Watch Socialism Fails Video HERE